About ClientBridge - An Inbound Marketing Agency

ClientBridge, LLC is an inbound marketing agency and marketing automation firm. So, what does that mean for you and your  business? It means that we help our clients located in Houston and elsewhere to install proven systems that attract new prospects and customers, capture leads, convert leads to customers, and maximize the lifetime value of those customers. All of those areas matter, and they are all tied to the quality and level of marketing your business has. We can help you have a better marketing experience, which translates to a better bottom line. 

Marketing is not a one-time project. It is a process that must be worked through and that must be carefully considered based on what your company needs and what your customers need. Some of the best processes are those that have been carefully designed, managed, improved, and automated. Once that automation has taken place, the marketing can run itself and keep your company moving forward. In fact, a well-designed marketing and sales system can make the difference between just "getting by" and being the next business success story. We want to help you be that story.

At ClientBridge, we have a proven system, along with the tools and people who know how to execute the right marketing campaign for your needs. However, we also know that every business has different goals, expectations, and budgets for working with an internet marketing consultant. We can work with all of those aspects of your company, in order to make sure the campaign you have is the one that is really going to work for you. That's why we have developed a flexible engagement methodology, so we can help businesses of all sizes reach their goals.

Our clients determine the level of engagement are company has, while following our proven systems to accelerate sales.  We can:

  • Teach You - provide how-to guides, tools, and tutorials so you can start off on the right foot and keep moving forward.
  • Do it With you - provide coaching, consulting, or out-tasking services to fill in the gaps where you need extra help, so you can keep running your business and have your marketing running smoothly, too.
  • Do it For You - outsource the implementation and execution to our team of professionals, so all you have to do is operate your business while letting us worry about the rest.

Although we are located in Houston, our client base spans the country. Reach out to us today, and see what an internet marketing consultant at ClientBridge can do for you.