The Seven Deadly Sins of Social Media Strategy

Written by Chandler Austin | Mon,Mar 14, 2011 @ 04:00 PM

Establishing a social media presence for a brand can be difficult. Social marketing requires a company to shift from broadcasting an anonymous, singular brand voice to engaging directly with customers as individuals. Kevin Dugan offers some tips on how to avoid the "“seven deadly sins” of social media:

Trying to mimic the social media programs of other brands isn't beneficial. Brands must understand what makes them unique and use social media to demonstrate that differentiation.

Earn fans by creating engaging content and promotions. Be prepared to keep your audience's attention. Audience acquistion must be followed with an engagement strategy.

More isn't necessarily better when it comes to social media. Focus on where customers spend their time.

Don't engage in snarkiness. Be prepared to be on the receiving end of negativity. Establish a social media policy with rules of engagement.

Social media isn't just another broadcast channel. Don't just talk about yourself. Identify and engage with customers that are talking about the brand. Mix conversation with promotion and content.

Don't forgo an established social media channel for the latest social media technology. Make sure your fans/customers are using the new site/channel before expending effort there.

Allocate marketing spending based on results, but don't completely pull out of a channel and put all your efforts into just one program.

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