Why Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a hot topic these days.  Who doesn't like the idea of new customers coming to them?  When done properly this is exactly what happens. 

Traditional outbound marketing methods are becoming less effective and more expensive. Inbound Marketing Services

These methods are "interruption-based".  This means that the goal of these campaigns is to interrupt the prospect from the activity they are engaged in and shift their attention to your ad or offer.  This is becoming for difficult for two reason:
  • Buyers are growing increasing tired of the interruptions
  • Tools continue to be developed to block these interruptions (Digital video recorders, voice mail, email filters, caller ID, satellite radio, etc.)

Inbound marketing methods are just the opposite.  These tactics focus on gaining "permission" from prospects.  This naturally matches the buying process of the consumer.  Buyers now expect to be able to research products, services and companies without having to deal with a sales person.  Studies have shown that as much as 80% of purchases were initiated with an online search of some kind.  As a seller, this means you better be online and your prospects and customers better be able to find you when they go through their online research and buying process.

When looking for information about potential solutions, products, services and/or businesses, buyers commonly use the search engines and social media to start the process.  So the Inbound marketing strategy is based on aligning with the new buying processes to today's cusotmer.  Showing up in the search engine results requires Search Engine Optimization for the natural results and Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing for showing up in the sponsored listings. 

Social Media Marketing supports the strategy by extending the reach of the business.  It can also be leveraged for lead generation when used properly.  

Inbound marketing provides perhaps the highest ROI in marketing.  Studies have shown that businesses using these strategies have a 60% lower cost per lead.  But it does take some work.  But a sound strategy combined with the right technology tools, you can enjoy a steady new stream of prospects and customers through Inbound Marketing.

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