The Top 10 Content Marketing Blogs

Written by Chandler Austin | Mon,Mar 21, 2011 @ 02:00 PM takes a look at AdAge's Power 150 Marketing blogs and points out the commonalities of the top ten blogs.

The Top Blogs:
  2. (Ads of the World)***
  4. (PSFK)***
  5. Search Engine Watch
  6. Search Engine Land
  7.'s Blog
  8. Lee Odden's Top Rank Blog
  9. Brian Solis'
  10. Andy Beal's Marketing Pilgrim
  11. Search Engine Journal
  12. The Compete Blog
***Excluded from the analysis, as their model is significantly different from other content marketing blogs.

The Averages:
  • 2.4 posts per day
  • 1278 words per post
  • Average age of blog = 6.7 years
Surprisingly, these highly successful blogs seem to buck conventional wisdom.

Conventional Wisdom: Keep blog posts short, as readers have short attention spans.
Top Blogs: Long posts with an average word count of nearly 1300.

Conventional Wisdom: Readers will tune out if you post too frequently.
Top Blogs: Articles are posted on average, once every 10 hours

Conventional Wisdom: Company blogs are less important than Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media.
Top Blogs: Highly visible email newsletter sign up links. (Everyone still uses email as a frequent communications tool.)

Conventional Wisdom: Success needs to happen relatively quickly, or rethink your approach.
Top Blogs: Average age is 6.7 years. Audience built over time.

Conventional Wisdom: Invest in a content management system.
Top Blogs: Six of the top ten blogs use WordPress. Their content trumps their platform.

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