Feb 16, 2011 Staff

Questions about Email Marketing

Following a HubSpot webinar on the topic of email marketing, here are answers to some of the most common questions.
  • Will social media take over email marketing? - Probably not. While some companies have dropped email marketing in favor of social media, others, like GroupOn, continue to have a lot of success with it. Really, it depends on your target audience.
  • Tips for email subject lines? - Avoid spam-trigger words. Keep consistent with your branding.
  • Call-to-action placement? - Test different placements. Experiment with different forms (e.g. hyperlinks vs. buttons).
  • What email software to use? - Make a decision based on the complexity needed, your price limits, other specifics to your situation.
  • How do you avoid seeming like spam? - Convey real, meaningful value. Nurture rather than sell in the email.
  • How do you stand out and get your email read? - Take advantage of brand recognition. Become anticipated by introducing a series of offers.
  • Are open rates important? - Open rates aren't a reliable metric, nor are they accurate.
  • HTML or Text Email? - Companies have success with both. Consider mobile-friendly emails which tend to be text-based with fewer images.
  • Message length? - Shorter is generally better and more mobile friendly, but the message needs to be long enough to give enough context about the offer.
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Published by Staff February 16, 2011