Feb 16, 2011 Staff

How to Get Online and Offline Publicity

Publicity is seven times more credible than advertising and implies something is newsworthy.  By it's very nature, publicity is free. So the value of publicity can be enormous, but not many attempt a DIY approach. From 30 Minute PR, some tips on getting publicity:

  1. Search for media and reporters in your city that cover your topic. Rather than contacting the reporter, comment on their stories online, if possible. The goal is to build an understanding first and a relationship later.
  2. Use Twitter to follow reporters and media personalities. Give them feedback. Some reporters will read Twitter responses on air. Use the free database at www.mediaontwitter.com to find and follow reporters.
  3. Piggyback on current events. Set up Google Alerts on topics of interest. Keeping tabs on what makes the news may provide opportunities for your own publicity, via timely tweets or press releases.
  4. Think in terms of sound bites. A clever twist can convey a lot of additional meaning and get a reporter's attention.
  5. Look for photo or video opportunities to tell your story instead of just words.
  6. Be aware of publishing production schedules. Slow news times are a good time to pitch a story.
  7. Don't worry about being perfect. Mistakes are learning experiences.

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Published by Staff February 16, 2011