Feb 21, 2011 Staff

Editorial Calendars for Content Marketing

Content marketers need to think like publishers. Creating an editorial calendar allows you to keep your content consistent and relevant. It's a great reference for your marketing team and management. An editorial calendar should start with dates and content, but also track additional details to help you re-purpose existing content and information for SEO.

It can also be helpful to have a master calendar and separate calendars for specific activities. The master editorial calendar provides an overview of all content planned. Track key dates and include a brief overview of all planned content by type. Create separate calendars for specific content types like blogs, newsletters, white papers and case studies. Track information like date, author, title, keywords, categories, tags, calls to action and status. Tracking these elements can help with SEO and conversion.

With complex buying cycles, you may also want to use the editorial calendar to track customer progress.

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Published by Staff February 21, 2011