Integrating Email with Search Marketing

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Forrester Research explains the benefits and strategies of integrating email with search, two to the most commonly used interactive channels. Doing so provides a simple, low-risk introduction to integrated marketing.

Why Integrate Email and Search?
  • 90% of marketers already use these tools.
  • In most firms, interactive is managed by one or a few colleagues, making planning easier.
  • Because email is cheap, coordinating email with search may improve overall cost efficiencies.
  • Messaging across channels reinforces the brand and provides a consistent experience.
How to Integrate Email and Search?
  • Use search and landing pages to drive email registration.
  • Use search data to learn customer intent and target email content accordingly.
  • Repurpose email newsletters into keyword-rich content to improve SEO.
  • Test the performance of offers in both channels can inform content decisions in the other.
  • Coordinate messaging in both channels. Time keyword buys with email messaging.
Lessons learned by tying together email and search will help interactive marketers integrate multiple channels and data sources.

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