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Lead scoring can take marketing from art to science. Yet only 26.9 percent of companies surveyed have implemented a formal lead scoring process. Download Part One of The Essential Marketing Automation Handbook for a step by step guide to Lead Scoring.

  • Stage 1: The Sales Opportunity Definition Workshop.
    • Step 1: Choose your focus – type of sale, product or problem solved.
    • Step 2: Lead Characteristics
  • Stage 2: Audit your lead database
  • Stage 3: Evaluate Your Web Properties
    • Step 1: Do All Web Pages Count?
    • Step 2: Rate Web Page Importance
  • Stage 4: Scoring Online Dialogues
    • Step 1: Scoring Webinars
    • Step 2: Scoring Hand Raising
    • Step 3: Scoring Conversations
  • Stage 5: Scoring Reductions

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Chandler Austin

Written by Chandler Austin