Feb 25, 2011 Staff

Yahoo!'s Email Marketing Approach

Sue Coakley discusses how Yahoo! does email marketing:

Yahoo!'s 3R's of Contact Strategy
  • Build on the Relationship
    • Why did the customer start the relationship? - Did they buy for a specific need or because of a discount?
    • Continue to fulfill that value
    • Surprise and delight users - Thank customers
    • Give your email social legs
  • Keep it Relevant
    • What do you know about the customer? - Demographics - Interests - Response behavior
    • Never assume what you don't know - This can alienate
    • Listen - Evaluate all feedback, both postive and negative
  • Respect Preferences
    • Honor preferences
    • Do all you can to retain customer
    • Think about frequency
    • Avoid permission creep
    • Consider your message in the larger context
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Published by Staff February 25, 2011