Mar 01, 2011 Staff

Online Registration and Social Sign-In

A study conducted by Blue Research focused on consumer attitudes about traditional online registration and perceptions about using social identities across the Web. The online survey was completed by 657 respondents. Results show a shift in behavior patterns and demonstrate the challenges of obtaining accurate information from consumers.

Highlights include:
  • 3 in 4 consumers avoid creating new user accounts
  • 75% are bothered by website registrations and will change their behavior as a result
  • Requiring new user accounts encourages misinformation
  • When login information is forgotten, many leave the site
  • 66% want social sign-in to be offered by websites (i.e. ability to sign-in with Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google, etc.)
  • Social sign-in "fans" spend more
  • Social sign-in "fans" purchase more online
  • Social sign-in "fans" use social networks to make/influence buying behavior
  • Consumers may return and buy more often at sites offering social sign-in
  • Offering social sign-in may increase brand image
  • Using social sign-in is preferred over new and guest account
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Published by Staff March 1, 2011