Blogs - The Centerpiece of Content Marketing

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Blogs should be the hub of content marketing because they combine the strength of social media with print-publishing functionality. You need to provide content at every step of the purchase process to keep customers engaged.

Justifying Blogs:
  1. Blogs are easy to use. - Limited skill and training is needed to update or modify content. Plus, blogs are inexpensive.
  2. Blogs are part of a company's owned media. - Blog content can be integrated into your website, or a blog can serve in lieu of a website.
  3. Blogs provide branded context for your content. - Extend your brand without paying for third party media.
  4. Blogs integrate your brand into your content marketing. - A blog's unique voice makes your brand feel "human".
  5. Blogs enhance search optimization. - Keyword-rich content and cross-linking.
  6. Blogs are a 24/7 communication platform. - Quick response to evolving issues.
  7. Blogs support an array of media formats. - Text, photographs, graphics, videos, audio, presentations and PDFs.
  8. Blogs facilitate content distribution through multiple channels. - Expand through email and RSS feeds with no added cost.
  9. Blogs supply content for social media interactions. - Currency for sharing on Facebook and Twitter.
  10. Blogs provide a targeted location to direct prospects and customers. - Destination for customers directed from other forms of content marketing.
  11. Blogs are flexible enough to support diverse initiatives. - Provide product related content, answer customer questions, attract new prospects.
  12. Blogs provide metrics that you can use to track content marketing to business goals. - Monitor your progress with a variety of metrics.
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