Mar 09, 2011 Staff

PR Experts to Follow on Quora

Quora is a collection of questions created, edited, and organized by users. "One way you can think of it is as a cache for the research that people do looking things up on the web and asking other people."

Quora has quickly become a go-to place for seekers of expert advice on a wide variety of topics. Quora integrates with your contacts on Facebook and Twitter, and allows you to track experts on the site.

From eReleases, here are 20 PR Experts to follow on Quora:
  1. Elizabeth Lampert
  2. Ian Edwards
  3. Christophe Ginisty
  4. Eric Maillard
  5. Dave Clarke
  6. Kathrin Eiben
  7. Glenn Manishin
  8. Tara Wagner
  9. Ben Parr
  10. Josh Catone
  11. Vadim Lavrusik
  12. Phil Wolff
  13. Dean Bairaktaris
  14. Monica Guzman
  15. Suzanne Yada
  16. Merredith Branscombe
  17. Gabriella Sannino
  18. Allen Mireles
  19. Mike Volpe
  20. Jason Falls
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Published by Staff March 9, 2011