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SEO Basics

Your search rankings can depend on redesigning your website for search engine optimization (SEO). provides some basic, well-established rules:

Keyword Management
Content is king, but keywords are the power behind the throne. No more than two keywords per page. No more than three pages per keyword. Use your keyword, in context, within the text of the page. Don't simply repeat the keyword over and over, without context. Build a list of keywords, and develop pages around them.

  • 500 to 1500 words
  • Include images, titles, and well-structured paragraphs
  • Relevance to the keywords
  • Links to other pages, internal or external to your site
Meta Data
Summarize the page topic. Don't simply repeat the page keyword.

Have your keyword in your H1 tags.

Every image on the page should have a file name that matches the keyword of that page. ALT text should be the same as the image name.

Meta Keywords
These don't matter to Google, but they might matter to other search engine bots.

Friendly URLs
Your URL should contain your keyword.

Linking Strategy
If many sites link to your site, search engines think you have relevant content, so your ranking improves. Internal links should anchor off of keywords within the header.

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Published by Staff March 10, 2011