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Using Apple's Marketing Techniques

What makes Apple so special? A big part of it is how they market their products. Below are some of their methods that you can borrow to create your own loyal market, eager for your every offering.

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Apple puts their customers first
User experience is Apple's top goal. They go out of their way to curate every aspect of the customer's experience with their products.
How to use it: Write for your audience. Deliver content that educates in interesting ways. Give readers/customers more of what sparks their interest.

Apple is impeccable in their design
Design takes precedence over engineering. Apple is really a design company that re-frames existing technology.
How to use it: Don't shortcut on design on your blog or landing pages. A great design enhances the content experience of your readers.

Apple knows how to write good copy
When Apple sends a newsletter, it's concise, important and a joy to read.
How to use it: If you want to write as carefully and thoughtfully as Apple, you probably need to spend much more time writing your content to get it really well-crafted.

Apple ships 200% of expectations
The Apple experience is seamless and delightful from beginning (packaging) to end (customer support).
How to use it: Pay attention to the details. Deliver more than promised. Pack as much value as possible into everything you produce.

Apple doesn’t ship too often
Apple launches products just once a year. The launch is thorough and polished, preventing audience fatigue from mediocre updates.
How to use it: Stress quality over quantity. Minimize your noise by controlling every word you put online. Build a reputation for quality engagement.

Apple redefines consumer demand
Apple doesn't let the competition dictate their products. They're too busy pioneering new ideas, often from something that already existed. They give customers something they didn't know they needed.
How to use it: You can be successful in a saturated market by refreshing and improving pre-existing ideas. Find an enticing hook.

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Published by Staff March 10, 2011