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The blogosphere provides customers with the opportunity to evangelize your product/brand if they have a good experience. Unfortunately, it also provides the opportunity to write a negative review when they have a bad interaction with your company. From Ymarketing, online marketing optimization strategies to maintain your company's reputation:

Begin with a Robust SEO Strategy
Your goal is to dominate the search rankings for the keywords which your customers and prospects are most likely to use. According to Commscore the top 30 ranked sites listed in a search engine receive up to 80% of all the traffic or clicks and 68% of searchers never go past the first page. By dominating the top pages in search with positive content, the negative comments about your company will rarely show up in the pages people actually look.

Blog Frequently and with a Sincere and Transparent Voice
Blogs allow you to have personal and transparent conversations with your public and address negative comments to an audience that's already listening to you. Use a team approach to blogging. Customers really want to hear from your employees.

Establish a Social Media Presence
Your blog should be the hub of your social media efforts that you promote via as many social media channels as possible. Having a social media presence also allows you to monitor what's being said about you. You can either address negative comments directly or present your position with your online community.

There are numerous tools out there to help you monitor and better manage to your online reputation. Commit to a level of monitoring that’s realistic and effective. You should be able to pick up on any negative comments that are gaining traction.

Transparency, Honesty and Trust
These are the most important factors in a company’s reputation. Transparency is about sharing with your customers who you are without spin. Honesty is about demonstrating your sincerity in a truthful manner. Trust is built by consistently communicating and interacting with your customers and prospects transparently and honestly.

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Chandler Austin

Written by Chandler Austin