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How to Keep Customers Happy

Tiny things can make a big difference to your customers. Being treated well often trumps price as the defining piece of a customer's experience. Companies should "sweat the small stuff" whenever they can, so customers don't have to. From Adam Helweh at Social Media Explorer, here are some ways to honor your customers.
  1. Hire employees that are customer-focused, rather than money-focused.
  2. Make your customers feel smart with great content.
  3. Your website should be easy to navigate.
  4. Make it easy to submit feedback and suggestions.
  5. Sell a product that is what you advertised.
  6. Simplify transactions. Selection to delivery should be easy.
  7. Share customer success stories, even when not directly related to your company's product/service.
  8. Quick, sincere, effective responses to your mistakes.
  9. Start by listening.
  10. Take ownership of customer issues, even if you aren't responsible ultimately for the resolution.
  11. Leave your emotional baggage at home.
  12. Have events that allow you to meet customers in person.
  13. Recommend other businesses that might benefit your customers.
  14. Don't make customers languish on hold.
  15. Empower your customer service staff to solve all possible issues.
  16. Be cheerful and polite.
  17. Easy customer communications over multiple channels.
  18. Feature customers and/or customer stories in a blog post or other social media.
  19. Include customer input in new product development.
  20. Unsubscribing from your newsletters should be easy as subscribing.
  21. Accept customer ratings and reviews of your product.
  22. Have a large enough staff to handle customer issues in a timely manner.
  23. No hidden fees or agendas.
  24. Easy product returns/exchanges.
  25. Allow customers to get to know your employees.
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Published by Staff March 21, 2011