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Don't confuse where you network with how to do it. Participating in the right channels doesn't mean you're fully leveraging social media. Success in social media for B2B companies isn't the same as for B2C companies. B2B marketers must establish deeper, more meaningful relationships. From Maria Pergolino on Futurelab, social media advice for B2B marketers.

Social Sharing
Sharing links should be on all landing pages and emails to encourage and allow your audience to share your content.

Social Media as a Lead Source
Append links to capture social media as a lead source and capture the ROI on your social media programs.

Social Media Referrers
Web reporting in marketing automation software can break down your website traffic from social media according to more specific demographics.

Triggering Campaigns from Social Media Interactions
Marketing automation systems can also be used to trigger campaigns off of customer data and actions.

Social Media Lead Scoring
Change lead scores based on social media interactions. Eg. Increase a lead score if you receive a favorable comment on Twitter.

Social Validation
Promotions like white papers and webinars can include widgets that share what others are saying about it.

Integrated Programs
Social media is just one channel. Integrate it with all other campaign elements.

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Chandler Austin

Written by Chandler Austin