Mobile Technology for Marketing

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Joe Marcallini on the Hubspot Blog gives suggestions on how to best include mobile technology in your marketing plans.

"Mobile Friendly Website"
By 2013, more people will access the Web via phones than via computers. Optimize your website for mobile.

"SMS (Text) Alerts/Reminders"
Useful for opt-in alerts and reminders. Banks already use SMS to alert customers of balances. Retail stores can alert customers about product discounts or availability.

"SMS Voting/Polling"
SMS polling is already used by television shows like American Idol. Businesses could poll users about products and services.

"Mobile Commerce"
Customers use their phones to compare prices with competitors. 60% of consumers are already making purchases via their phones. Consumers will be able to purchase directly from retailers using near field communication enabled phones.

"Mobile Applications"
Apps can provide product and account information. Users prefer applications to web based interactions.

"Mobile Coupons"
Scannable coupons on phones can be delivered through search advertising, mobile apps, email or mobile websites.

"SMS Rewards and short codes"
Companies reward mobile customers with short codes found on billboards, radio, television, print publications.

"QR Codes"
Similar to UPC codes, the information in QR codes can be used for things like sending a text, making a call or going to a website. Link customers to promotions or additional information.

"Mobile Search Advertising"
Google Places provides mobile search results that can include ratings, prices and coupons.

"Location Based Services (LBS) Marketing"
Apps that allow users to "check in" to businesses can also be used for coupons, discounts and rewards.

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