May 04, 2011 Staff

From "Contact Us" to Lead Generation

Khoa Bui in Entrepreneur Magazine talks about how to make the most out of your "Contact Us" page. Having a "Contact Us" page on your site legitimizes your business by making it possible to communicate with a real person. But it's also a great way to gather leads.
  • Have a contact form on every page, or almost every page, of your site. Making that easy to get to makes it more likely visitors will take action.
  • Have a call to action, and word it in a why that prompts visitors and instructs them how.
  • Craft your call to action in a way that relates to the goals of your target traffic.
  • E.g. "To contact us, simply enter your first name, e-mail address, and comments below and we'll send you a free copy of our e-book The Seven Ways to Double Your Income, valued at $29.95. Contact us now."
Call to Action Ideas
  • Larger font, to stand out
  • Include verbs or "doing" words
  • Incentives: Freebies, discounts, coupons
  • Remove risk by stressing that there's no obligation
  • Give exact instructions on how to find and complete contact form
  • Don't require too much information
  • Don't bury the contact form on the page
  • Keep it simple

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Published by Staff May 4, 2011