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Using Social Media to Launch and Promote a Product

From, here's a look at how anyone can launch and promote a product, using only social media. These tips are adapted from Guy Kawaski's launch and promotion of his book, Enchantment  The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds and Actions.

Kawaski built a fan page specifically for his book. To build a fan base, the incentive to "Like" the page was a free copy of his first book.
Cost: Approximately $2,700

Website and Blog
To avoid the restrictive elements of Facebook, Kawaski built a site for the book as part of his own website. This allowed for more information and images than Facebook.
Cost: Approximately $4,000

Book Reviews by Other Bloggers and A-Listers
Kawaski offered free copies of his book to bloggers chosen from his 20,000+ database. He sent out 1300 copies, gave 150 interviews and got 200 book reviews, which he shared on his site.
Cost: $16,000 (borne by the publisher)

Email still works, especially if you have built a database of 160,000 over the years.
Cost: $7,500

Banner Ads
A six week campaign on Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and Twitter (Promoted Tweets) was used to attract buyers outside his immediate sphere of influence.
Cost: Allow $2,000-$3,000

Photo Contest
Kawaski offered five cameras and an Apple iPad, via a Facebook contest app. This resulted in 1150 entries, 35,000 visits, 70,000 entry views, and a lot of "Buzz".
Cost: Approximately $6,000

Kawaski pulled a quiz from his book and put it on Facebook (700 took the quiz) and his website (2900 took the quiz) to engage more customers.
Cost: Approximately $5,000

An overview of the book was turned into a single image which was embedded on the sites of bloggers and reviewers.
Cost: Approximately $2,000

A presentation that Kawaski used for key note presentations was published on Slideshare making it easy to share and embed.
Cost: Approximately $3,600

Slideshow on YouTube
Kawaski created a slideshow to thank all the people involved in the book project launch and promotion.
Cost: Approximately $1,000

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