Social Media Marketing Mini-Campaigns

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Social media channels allow for marketing communications that can quickly supplement your traditional marketing plans. From Gail Goodman at Entrepreneur, here are some ways to add to your marketing calendar without spending much time or money. Think less about the communications channel, and more about the message.

Respond to Current Events
Use social media to engage customers around industry related news or events. Interpret, offer an opinion and invite customers to weigh in.

Introduce a New Product or Service
Overlooked services or products can be reintroduced in a "Did you know?" format. New products or enhancements provide a built-in reason to reach out to customers.

Invite Customers to a Special Promotion, Demonstration or Event
Product demonstrations, open houses or another impromptu events don't require months of planning. Piggy-back onto other local or industry events.

Share a New Company or Customer Video
Video is now easy to produce, and almost always engaging. Share a customer testimonial or short messages from your employees.

Give Thanks in a Customer Appreciation Message
Thanking customers is an easy way to strengthen loyalty. Publicly acknowledging feedback greatly enhances your credibility.

Offer a Free Report, Tips or Other Timely Information
How-to guides, white papers and other giveaways allow you to give something without asking for customer's business.

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