Jul 05, 2011 Staff

Improve Your Content

From the Hubspot Blog, here are nine tips for creating remarkable business content,

Be Brief
Be long enough to convey your idea, and not longer. Editing should mainly be about removing unnecessary content.

Understand the Audience Persona
Have a clear picture of your target audience. What problems are they trying to solve?

"If you think an idea is awesome, then say it is." Readers want cool confidence, not cockiness.

Use Visuals
Images and videos can convey a complicated message quickly. Demonstrate and simplify your story.

Section headers and bullet points can help ensure you don't overwhelm your audience with information.

Be Positive
Build your own brand and product, don't tear down the competition's. Positive content always beats negative content.

Don't Preach
Empower your audience to learn something new and adopt your idea on their own.

Cite Others
Sharing information enhances your credibility.

Emotion moves people to take action. Think stories instead of fact sheets.

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Published by Staff July 5, 2011