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Consumer Behavior Secrets to Grow Sales

From Jamie Turner on the Hubspot Blog, here are some tips about why people pick one brand over another.

"People buy for emotional reasons, then rationalize the purchase with logic."
Most buy because of how it makes them feel. Even logical purchases start with an emotional intent to buy.

"The way into a consumer’s mind is through the right brain."
People must engage with a product before they purchase it. If that engagement has emotional significance, it's more likely to be stored in long-term memory, the first step to building a customer relationship.

"People lie to researchers."
Consumers are more likely to report how they want to be perceived, rather than how they actually are.

"As much as 95% of a consumer’s thinking occurs in his or her subconscious mind."
Brand design, the non-verbal components of a brand, help consumers feel something about a product.

"Consumers don’t think in words."
People engage with a product based on how they feel, not what they say.

"The better your employees can articulate your company’s position, the better your customers can, too."
Everyone in your organization should be able to articulate what your brand essence and points of differentiation are.

"You must know what your customers are really buying before you can sell it."
Customers aren’t buying your product as much as they’re buying the experience of your product.

"If you want to increase sales tomorrow, you’ll need to create a dialogue today."
Today's consumers are fragmented across many media. You must engage over the entire life-cycle of their involvement with your brand.

"Most consumers would be willing to pay a 20-25% price premium for their favorite brand before they’d switch to a competitor."
Subconsciously, buyers believe national brands work better.

"The longer a consumer engages with your brand, the more likely they'll be to buy your product or service."
Build a relationship with customers and prospects over time.

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Published by Staff August 4, 2011