Content Marketing in 2012

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Content Marketing Institute asked the speakers for Content Marketing World to make a series of predictions. Here's a summary of what they expect 2012 to bring in the content marketing space.

Chris Baggott - Content marketers will realize that the real opportunity lies in attracting new customers, not retaining existing ones. Content volume will dramatically increase due to employee blogging.

Keith Blanchard - A major TV advertiser will pull out of broadcast media altogether and shift that money into digital-only campaigns.

Alison Bolen - More corporations will shift advertising and PR budgets into content marketing. Internal and external communications teams will collaborate more.

C.C. Chapman - Real-time customer interaction with brands will increase.

Andrew Davis - Tumblr will be seen as effective a marketing platform as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Barbara Gago - Content marketers will find a balance between content creation and content curation.

Ahava Leibtag - Customers/readers will have the option to choose more personalized content.

Clyde Miles - Marketing departments will function less like a collection of individuals doing different projects and more like a newsroom working in real-time to build and maintain a brand.

Rob Pasquinucci - Mainstream editorial content and content marketing will overlap and be harder to tell apart.

Nate Riggs - Google Plus, with its ability to create niche content distribution lists, will take over the business collaboration market place.

Paul Roetzer - Changes in search engine algorithms will put even more emphasis on content quality, rather than quantity.

Michael Stelzner - No more expectations of reciprocity or obligation. Marketers will give genuine, useful gifts to readers without expectations.

Arnie Kuenn - Most large companies will finally optimize their sites for mobile devices and many will offer phone apps.

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