B2B Mobile Marketing Mistakes

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Mobile marketing is not just for business to consumer relationships. Over 70% of young executives classify mobile as a primary communications tool. And yet business to business marketers have been slow to move into mobile marketing. From the Hubspot Blog, here is advice for B2B marketers intent on developing a mobile strategy on mistakes to avoid.

Reliance on PC-based Website
Design a mobile optimized website as well. Incorporate the unique features of mobile devices (e.g. camera, text messaging) into a B2B campaign.

Misunderstanding the Personalization of Mobile
Mobile devices are always on, at hand and rarely shared. Text messaging can reinforce a personal relationship and increase loyalty.

Treating Mobile Users Like PC Users
Mobile users prefer short messages which allow for short responses.

Ignoring the Limitations of Mobile Devices
Mobile B2B campaigns should not require/include extensive typing. printing or large downloads.

Failing to Collect Additional Data Via a Mobile Campaign
More information about your customer is always better, and mobile campaigns are a chance to collect new, detailed customer information.

Failing to Optimize for Different Mobile Devices
The mobile web is far less homogeneous than the PC web. Test to make sure your mobile website works on any devices.

Failing to Utilize Social Media
Utilize multiple marketing channels, including Facebook, Twitter and blog posts.

Failing to Take Advantage of the Instantaneous Nature of Mobile
Design marketing campaigns that are area and time specific, and/or incentive based.

Failing to Use Your Website and Promotions to Attract Mobile Clients
Most B2B clients still regularly use their PCs when in the office. Get them in the habit of communications via both mobile and PC.

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