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Marketing with Video

By Chandler Austin on Tue,Nov 08, 2011 @ 10:00 AM

Video is an excellent way to connect with customers on a deep level, whether audio or visual. Videos can also improve your SEO as the search engines become more savvy. From, here are some tips for integrating video into online marketing efforts.

Whether a tip, a resource or just a laugh, every video should include something of value. Don't record just for the sake of having video. To get started, consider recording video FAQs.

Call to Action
Always include a call to action. Ask customers to visit your site, sign up for an email list or share the video.

Include your relevant keywords in the titles and descriptions of your video. Give the file a relevant name too. This is important for improving your search engine results.

Address Objections
If there are public objections to your product or services, responding with a video can be a good way to connect with upset customers.

Make sure your videos have a single message, but still convey your brand personality.

Upload to Your Site
Make videos available and visible on your homepage. Video on the homepage can increase the stickiness of your site.

Videos should not only focus on a single message. They should also be short and to the point. The shorter the video, the more likely it will be watched. Keep them less than two minutes.

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Chandler Austin

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