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From Dion Hinchcliffe at Dachis Group, here are 12 predictions about where social business is headed in the coming year.

Social Business in 2012 resized 600

  1. Social shifts to mobile.
  2. Analytics and business intelligence (BI) becomes standard fare.
  3. Gamification doesn’t happen, yet.
  4. Social intranets struggle forward, social business processes don’t.
  5. Smaller social business vendors continue to get rolled up.
  6. The social business unit/center of excellence phenomenon continues.
  7. Internal and external social business efforts blur, but remain distinct.
  8. Customer-facing social “hockey sticks”.
  9. Community management goes pro.
  10. Social business budgets go up another level.
  11. The year will close with a consensus (or lack thereof) on enterprise social apps.
  12. Social business becomes less art, and more science.

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Chandler Austin

Written by Chandler Austin