Marketing Trends of 2012

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What will the year ahead hold for marketing professionals? From Jeff Bullas, here are his predictions for the top ten marketing trends of 2012.

Brand Presence Across Channels
Businesses will begin to coherently connect their marketing approach across the web, social media and other channels.

User-generated Content
Content that comes direct from the potential or existing customer is likely to grow in value.

Mobile Marketing
Companies will develop targeted, mobile-ready content and a willingness to adapt internal marketing processes.

Brands and Social Media Gap Closes
Social media is being taken seriously as a professional marketing tool and as a customer interaction tool.

The Value of Analytics
Businesses will look to clarify and streamline their marketing data and adapt their content according to live viewer response.

Marketing Personalized
Tailored content will be customized to the interests of a specific market.

Content Diversification
Along with personalized marketing, companies will present content focused on telling stories about their business.

Customer Recommendations
Smart businesses will integrate customer feedback and response into their marketing approach, as social media word-of-mouth continues to grow.

Influence Factor
The use of social media to influence users in the real world will gain momentum.

Video will be part of fresher and more user-focused forms of viral marketing.

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