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Making Marketing Analytics Actionable

Analytics can tell you whether or not your marketing efforts are paying off. But according to Hubspot, the true value of analytics isn't what they tell you about your past marketing initiatives, but instead, what they tell you about how to adapt and improve your marketing efforts. Here are nine ways to make marketing analytics actionable.

Identify Blog Topics
Analytics can tell you what blog topics resonate with your audience. Create more content for your desired marketing personas.

SEO Refinement
Analytics allow you to determine which keywords have driven the most traffic, leads, and customers for your business. Target other long-tail keyword variations based on high performing keywords.

Prioritize Social Media Sites
Analytics can tell you which social media sites are generating leads and converting leads into customers.

Determine Email Frequency
Analytics can help you determine optimal email sending frequency. Test to see if increased emails result in more conversions or if fewer emails reduce unsubscribers.

Lead Nurturing Content
Analytics can determine which landing pages and marketing offers have the highest conversion rates.

Segment Email Communications
Emails that have been tailored to specific audiences through segmentation get 50% more clicks than their counterparts, according to a MarketingSherpa report. Analytics can help segment your email audience by geography, industry, content, point in the sales cycle, etc.

Improve Calls-to-Action
Analyze the click-through rates of your calls-to-action and the conversion rates of landing pages and tweak both accordingly.

Prioritize Leads
Use analytics to set up a lead scoring program and identify which criteria make for a marketing qualified lead.

Marketing Channel Focus
Use analytics to see which marketing channels (i.e. social media vs. email vs. SEO vs. blogging vs. paid search vs. other channels) are the most effective at generating customers.

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Published by Staff March 8, 2012