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Content Marketing Checklist

Sonia Simone on CopyBlogger defines content marketing as communicating with potential customers in a way that A) an audience actually enjoys paying attention to, and B) demonstrates to that audience that you would be a good person to do business with. But defining content marketing is easier than executing a content marketing campaign. CopyBlogger has a 10-step checklist for a successful content marketing program.

"Don't Build on Rented Land"
Where will your content live and how will the audience get to it? Keep in mind that Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are not platforms/domains you control. Don't build your business there. Ideally, publish to a domain you own. For most, a self-hosted WordPress is a good solution.

"Craft Your Cornerstone"
Your cornerstone is what interests and engages your audience. You may start with your own interests. What do you want every reader of your site to know about?

"Make Your Content Worth Reading"
Readers decide whether your content is worthwhile. Worthwhile content includes:
  • a headline that pulls in the audience
  • focuses on problems the reader cares about
  • engaging, attention holding formatting
  • at least some entertainment

"Give Your Content a Secure Environment"
Make sure your web site is secure. This can be accomplished with a web hosting company with a strong security track record, or with a monitoring service.

"Don’t Give Your Great Content an Ugly Apartment"
Having great content won't matter if your site has an amateurish or cluttered design. Strive for a  beautiful, professional-looking design.

"Create Content that Attracts a Wider Audience"
Have a strong, well-defined point of view. Headline writing is also important.

"Build an Email List Sooner Rather than Later"
Email is that best way to deepen the relationship created with your content. Email more fully engages the reader's attention. Use it when you want readers to take a specific action.

"Create Content on a Larger Scale"
Widen your audience through guest posting, interviews, webinars, and Q&As.

"Don’t Go Too Long without Making an Offer"
The audience should know exactly what your business is. Explain your product or service with a well-crafted landing page. Keep the "selling" portion of your site separate from the primary content.

"Go to Social Media...Once You've Got Something to Talk About"
Don't skip the other steps. Give your social media audience something worthwhile to talk about.

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Published by Staff June 28, 2012