Aug 30, 2012 Staff

Analyzing your Inbound Marketing Funnel for Investment Success

Having a good understanding of your inbound marketing funnel is essential to generating revenue.  Even more important is making sure that you are not wasting that revenue investing in channels that do not support your goal.  

After creating, optimizing and promoting your content - you need to be able to capture, manage and care for leads in order to convert them into paying customers.  In other words, you need to track how visitors found you and how often they are coming back.  Capture visitor profile information, digital footprints, along with where they go within your site.  This information will help determine repeat visitors, how often they come back and if they are coming through the same channels.  

Services like Google Analytics provide detailed statistics about the visitors to your website.  Tracking from all channels including search engines, display ads, social media outlets, and email marketing, it provides a visual pattern of how people locate you.  These services also allow you to specify or segment information.  For instance, you can just look at people who have visited five or more times in the last 90 days and the channels they came through.  The results may look completely different from the channels that brought in first time visitors.  Segment even further and again it will change.  

How you analyze this information is key to ensuring that you invest in the right channels to grow your business.  Beginning with first visitor attributes and then further narrowing it down all the way to those individuals who have actually completed a transaction will result in patterns emerging.  These patterns show you not only the best channels to invest in but also where within the funnel you should invest to capture and convert the most sales.  Spending a little time every month analyzing this information will guide you to investing in the most effective marketing tools for your business and help to ensure your marketing dollars are not wasted.  

Published by Staff August 30, 2012