Sep 14, 2012 Staff

Contacts Lead Scoring


HubSpot has introduced an all new custom lead scoring system that is built right into their Contacts database. This should make the challenge of prioritizing the leads in your pipeline easier. Contacts lead scoring is easy to use and powerful. You can easily craft a customized set of scoring criteria that takes everything you know about your contacts into account. You can also assign point values to virtually any data you’ve collected on a lead, or actions your leads are taking on your website, in emails, or via social media.

Contacts lead scoring works with the following touch points:

  • Any information you’ve collected through forms or data from an integrated CRM system
  • Social media metrics
  • Imported data
  • Analytics data
  • Engagement metrics

Best of all, because the contact lead scoring system is easy to modify and change over time, it scales as your marketing program grows.

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Published by Staff September 14, 2012