Sep 14, 2012 Staff

HubSpot Competitor Analysis Tool


HubSpot recently upgraded their popular Competitor Analysis tool. The tool allows businesses to keep tabs on how they’re performing against their competitors according to the most important metrics of inbound marketing.

In the new Competitor Analysis tool, the overall grade is based on the new, comprehensive Marketing Grade, rather than the old Website Grader grade. Marketing Grade looks at a company’s overall marketing performance, including historical Website Grades, social media, lead generation, mobile, and other available metrics. Because it relies on so many different and variable inputs, the Marketing Grade is more sensitive to daily changes, and thus, users may notice more fluctuation than with the old tool.

Beyond the change to the overall score, the tool contains several upgrades to the user interface:

  • A new filter bar above the main graph now lets you decide which metric you want to sort by and display.
  • Clicking on any data point in the graph gives you a detailed rundown of all the metrics that changed in your score since the last time you viewed the report.
  • Click on any of the website URLs in your list to instantly run a full Marketing Grade report for the website. Find out how you can start improving your marketing performance based on the data in the report.
  • You can bookmark any filter view, just as you can in your Sources report, and easily return to that view whenever you’d like.

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Published by Staff September 14, 2012