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Lead Generation Marketing Budgets


Generating high-quality leads was a top challenge, according to 71% of respondents to MarketingSherpa's 2012 Lead Generation Benchmark Report.

Lead Generation Budget Trends
Lead Gen Budgets Favor Online Activities resized 600

MarketingSherpa has a series of case studies on how to make the most of your marketing budget.

  • B2B Social Marketing: 4 ways to build one-to-one relationships with social influencers
  • Social Media Marketing: 7 steps for using contests and sweepstakes to promote your brand
  • B2B Social Media: Video of Jay Baer destroying social media myths
  • How IntraLinks Used Social Media to Generate Twice as Many Sales-ready Leads as Any Other Channel
  • Webinar Replay: How to Integrate Social Media/SEO to Drive More Leads and Increase Marketing ROI
  • List Growth Tactics: How Kodak added 33% more email subscribers and 53% more YouTube followers
  • Email Segmentation: Targeted program reduces advertising costs 73%, leads to 3,000% ROI
  • B2B Email Marketing: How reputation, content and brand management affect deliverability
  • Paid Search Marketing: Automation increases revenue 22%
  • Conversion Rate Optimization: Minor changes reduce cost per conversion 52.9%
  • PPC Ads: What is search engine marketing best used for?
  • Content Marketing: 21 ideas for planning, creating, and leveraging content from your webinars
  • How to Switch from Direct Mail to Emailed Sales Lead Generation Campaigns
  • Lead Testing: 90% of successful lead follow-up occurred within 28 days of first contact
  • Lead Generation: Targeted event marketing effort leads to 300% ROI, generates 140 qualified leads

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Published by Staff September 27, 2012