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Writing Effective SEO Content


Creating effective, well-optimized content is critical for marketers. Good content is next to useless if Google and other search engines can't find it, but you must remember that your first audience is always people. From MarketingProfs, here are nine tips for creating effective SEO content.

Respect the Reader's Time
Readers are in a hurry, so make it easy for them to know what your post is about at a glance and make it interesting enough for them to read it thoroughly.

Use Effective Titles for Your Article
As above, tell your readers what the article is about in the title. The title should summarize the post. Avoid gimmicks, and keep it between 8-10 words. This will leave you enough space to promote it on Twitter.

Grab Your Readers' Attention with Numbers
Numbers allow readers to quickly and easily navigate your content, and give a structure to your article.

Use Killer Images and Visuals to Spice Up Your Content
Pictures, infographics, slide shows, and artwork break up the text portion of your article and make it more visually interesting.

Use Lists
Lists are easy to read and scan. They also keep posts succinct, neat and organized.

Use Keywords Strategically
You should have already done your keyword research before posting content. Remember that having quality content is the most important thing, so don't use too many keywords or repeat them too much.

Use Subheads
Subheads entice your visitors to continue reading your article and easily find sections of most interest to them. Subheads also add more fuel for search engines.

Make Your Content Easily Sharable
Content that isn't shared isn't as effective. Include social sharing buttons for all of the major social media channels.

Tell a Story
Nothing beats well written, interesting, relevant content that is also helpful and entertaining.

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Published by Staff November 1, 2012