Content Marketing Strategies for 2013

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Marketing professionals are consistently looking for ways to use compelling content to attract and retain customers. Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute has assemble seven content marketing strategies for marketers to consider heading into 2013.

"Watch 'Content 2020' from Coca-Cola"
Coca-Cola has a long history as a leader in marketing. The Content 2020 whiteboard video series is their mission statement on moving the organization from creative excellence to content excellence.

"Develop Your Content Marketing Mission Statement"
Less than 5% of about 1000 people surveyed by the author had developed a content marketing mission statement. It's difficult to execute a content strategy without clear vision. Anyone involved in a content marketing program should know what the mission of the content strategy is.

"A New Mindset: Become the Leading Information Provider for Your Niche"
Customers and prospects looking to make a buying decision can get their information from anywhere. Make it your goal to have them come to you for that information.

"Utility Is Key"
Are you producing content that is actually useful to your customers? Content should make their lives better or jobs easier in some way.

"Define and Answer Your Customers’ Questions"
Look to customer service and sales as a content source. Have a system in place to compile customer questions and post your answers on the web.

"Employee Involvement in Content Marketing"
Employee driven content can grow a business on a limited budget. Look at the examples of OpenView Labs project or Indium’s From One Engineer to Another blog.

Work with non-competitive partners to develop compelling content for a similar customer. This can overcome issues of funding and process.

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