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INFOGRAPHIC: Consumer Trends for 2013


From, here's an infographic of ten consumer trends that will effect marketing in the next year.

  1. Consumers will participate in the funding and (pre-)launch of new products and brands.
  2. Emerging brands from all over will cater to emerging middle classes from all over.
  3. Consumers will look to their mobile devices to maximize absolutely every moment.
  4. Products that give back.
  5. Digital technologies are the new medicines.
  6. Emerging markets will proudly export and even flaunt their national and cultural heritage.
  7. Consumers seek to own and make the most of their lifestyle data, and turn to brands that use this data to proactively.
  8. Resurgence in domestic manufacturing.
  9. Brands must move from ‘having nothing to hide’, to pro-actively showing and proving they have nothing to hide.
  10. Brands demand that their customers also contribute to sustainability and socially-responsibility.

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Published by Staff December 17, 2012