Content Marketing Ideas for 2013

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As marketers plan and budget for 2013, most are searching for innovative content ideas. To get you started, the Content Marketing Institute has come up with 42 content marketing initiatives for 2013. Here are a few of their examples.

  • Develop/refine a content marketing mission statement. You need to know the why before you can decide on the what.
  • Find thought leaders in your organization and build them into your content plan.
  • Develop a series of stories for your industry on an aspect that has never been covered.
  • Get employees who are not in marketing involved in your weekly content plan.
  • Sit down with every salesperson and ask them what their customers’ biggest pain points are.
  • Target one traditional marketing initiative that can be enhanced with content marketing.
  • Develop a content marketing metrics plan for your CEO or supervisor that includes only those metrics that will make the case for company business objectives.
  • Make sure your content is easy to read on both smartphones and tablets.
  • Choose 10 of the top bloggers in your industry and sponsor a one-day brainstorming session on how you can all help each other.
  • Make sure you are telling a different story than everyone else in your industry.

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