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Marketing Trends for 2013

Thu,Jan 10, 2013 @ 10:00 AM


MarketingProfs lists ten marketing trends that will grow more prominent in the coming year.

  • "Digital marketing will continue to grow."
    • Digital marketing will solidify as the main channel for demand generation.
  • "Digital marketing services will surge."
    • Consultants, agencies, and new services will be needed to support new users and meet their demand for assistance.
  • "Content creation services and software will proliferate."
    • Content creation and syndication emerge as companies try to use content for demand and lead generation.
  • "Integrated marketing will gain popularity."
    • Marketers will try to combine tactics to make use of the compounded effect of multiple channels' working in unison. 
  • "Direct mail will make a return."
    • Integrating direct mail with online connection will break through the noise of digital marketing only.
  • "Big Data applications will emerge."
    • Solutions will emerge and be adopted that offer big data applications for day-to-day marketing campaigns.
  • "The immeasurable will become measurable."
    • Solutions and services will find ways to measure previously immeasurable tactics and evaluate their contribution to the bottom line.
  • "PPC will decline as budgets move to other paid solutions."
    • PPC will continue to lose budget allocation in favor of new and more affordable channels and tactics.
  • "Marketing spend on software will increase."
    • Marketing's budget will match IT's.
  • "Sales responsibilities will move to Marketing."
    • Marketing teams will take over more sales tasks, such as lead qualification, inside sales team management, and sales operations.

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