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Ideas For Content Marketing


High quality, engaging, sharable content can allow your brand to be seen by the world within minutes. Ten years ago, that would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you don’t have a content marketing strategy, you are losing business to your competition. From Search Engine Journal, here are 20 content marketing ideas.

  1. Interview Industry Leaders - great source for engaging your audience
  2. Conduct a Survey - use online survey platforms and gather important data for free
  3. Report News in Your Industry - summarize webinars, whitepapers, industry events or books
  4. Share Presentations - remove sensitive information and use SlideShare to easily share your expertise
  5. Build a Knowledge Base - create a more content driven FAQ section
  6. Host a Webinar - webinar content can be promoted in several channels
  7. Share Reports, Charts and White Papers on Pinterest - share key information each time an employee reads a white paper
  8. Create an Infographic - summarize long blocks of content on your website and make them visually appealing
  9. Create a Newsletter Sign-up Series - send tips and tricks on a specific topic
  10. Live Blog a Seminar/Conference/Event - publish updates on key findings, important data and research
  11. Create a “Top 10 Bloggers to Follow” List within Your Industry - the bloggers will most likely re-tweet your post for you
  12. Publish an E-book - take your most read blog posts and condense them into one booklet
  13. Launch a Beginners Guide - capture beginners at the top of the sales funnel and guide them through the entire sales cycle
  14. Top 10 FAQ to Sales Teams - your sales teams knows your product, prospects and customers well
  15. Make Your Content Available in Audio Format - turn your blog posts into a podcast
  16. Video Testimonials - pinpoint your brand advocates through social media and ask them to create a video testimonial in return for a free product or gift
  17. Build on Existing Content - turn a lengthy blog post into a white paper
  18. Top 10 Blog Posts of the Month in Your Industry - spread the good work of others in your industry
  19. Host a Meetup in Your Area - increase your client base by meeting decision makers face to face and understanding their needs
  20. Accept Guest Blog Posts - reach a new audience with guest bloggers

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Published by Staff April 11, 2013