May 23, 2013 Staff

SLIDESHOW: Upgrade Your Social Media Marketing


From Hubspot, here's a slideshow highlighting 20 data-backed ways to make your inbound marketing efforts in social media more successful.


  1. Tell Us Why We Should Follow You
  2. Use Contra-Competitive Timing
  3. Use Tall Images on Pinterest
  4. Put Links 25% of the Way Through Tweets
  5. Use Questions on Facebook
  6. Use Links to Get Retweets
  7. Stop Talking About Yourself
  8. Say Something New
  9. Stay Positive
  10. Use Calls-to-Action on Facebook
  11. Stay Away From Buzzwords
  12. Share Links to Interesting Content
  13. Use Photos on Facebook
  14. Use Hashtags on Instagram
  15. Talk About Food on Facebook
  16. Tweet Around 4 p.m.
  17. Don't Be Neutral on Facebook
  18. Write Longer Tweets for More Clicks
  19. Go Short or Long on Facebook
  20. Ask for the Retweet

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Published by Staff May 23, 2013