Feb 23, 2016 Jack Barry

Beginner's Guide to Choosing an Internet Marketing Vendor for Small Business


You’ve done your research, you’ve recognized the trend, and have chosen your moment strategically, you’ve decided now is the time to enlist an internet marketing vendor for your small business. As a small business, you need to make sure you use your money efficiently and effectively. So before scouring the internet for an internet marketing consultant Houston, check out this beginner’s guide to choosing an internet marketing vendor. It will lead you through the four major questions to start your selection process: what services do they provide? What is their pricing structure? What are the engagement and contract terms? How much experience does the vendor have? 

  1. What services do they provide?

Before you get into the details and prices, you have to make sure they will be able to fulfill the marketing services your company needs filled. Most small businesses need an internet marketing vendor to adapt to the cutting edge, an inbound marketing strategy, to generate new leads and repeat customers. However, not all inbound strategies are created equal--make sure they have a comprehensive approach. In most cases, delivering quality content through a blogging service, won’t deliver leads unless you have a lead nurturing service as well, or setting up a pay per click advertisement won’t generate revenue if the site you direct customers to you isn’t set up to sell. Full serviced vendors provide blogging, search engine optimization techniques, social media, local marketing, pay per click, web design, PR and online media, lead nurturing services and software, and video marketing. 

  1. What is their pricing structure? 

Some internet marketing vendors have pricing structures requiring your small business to spend money without directed at specific goals in mind. More customer-centric vendors, though, will provide you a fair pricing structure: either Individual Services, or Service Packages to align to small business needs and budgets. 

  1. What are their engagement and contract terms? 

Check the fine print before you get involved with a internet marketing vendor. The last thing you need as a small business is to be trapped into a constricting engagement terms. 

  1. How much experience does the vendor have? 

In this technological age, there has been a proliferation of internet marketing vendors. Like a boomtown, many of these internet vendors seemed to have popped up overnight, so to speak. In order to avoid dealing with rookies who may lead you astray, look into the vendor’s credentials. View their previous work and contact their referrals to see if their expertise is a good match for your industry and your small business’ branding direction. 

Published by Jack Barry February 23, 2016