Content Marketing - Large vs. Small Companies

Posted by Tue,Feb 15, 2011 @ 09:00 AM

Research from Junta42 and Marketing Profs showed various content marketing tactics across industries and companies of all sizes. The attached article discusses the different ways that large companies (1000+ employees) and small companies (10-99 employees) use content marketing.

Large companies use more content marketing tactics than small companies, and adopt new tactics at a higher rate. In particular, only about 25% of small companies create microsites, while 50% of large companies do.

While large companies spend more on content marketing in total, they spend less (21%) of their total marketing budgets than small companies (28%).

Small businesses out-blog large companies (60% to 40%) and are more active in social media (84% to 71%). Small companies also tend to have more freedom with what they say in social channels.

More than 75% of large companies outsource at least some of their content development, while only 43% of small businesses outsource any of the work.

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