Finding Customers with Content

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From's Content Marketing 101 series, strategic thinking on how to take good content and market it to find customers:

Get Attention - Every bit of content you produce should reward the reader/viewer. Attracting a new audience needs to be even more exciting and rewarding. It also needs to demonstrate your knowledge and your ability to solve customer problems. Consider white papers, tutorials and videos. Don't try to close sales with this material, but do include a marketing message. The content needs to be good enough for others to want to share.

Convert Attention to Customers - Once you have attention, keep delivering a compelling message to your audience. Start to add persuasive elements to your writing. You still shouldn't sell at this point, but build your case and establish trust. Write an effective landing page with an explicit offer and direct call to action.

Remember, content marketing is all about taking the best elements of hardcore Internet marketing and delivering it with a passionate, personal, credible voice.

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