Better Sharing with the Facebook Like Button

Posted by Wed,Mar 02, 2011 @ 10:00 AM

Facebook provides online publishers with two buttons to incorporate on their sites, a Share button and a Like button. Until recently, these buttons operated differently. The Like button was a one-click sharing process. The Share button was a multi-step process that allowed users to share a headline, image and any commentary they cared to add.


Recently, the Like button's functionality has been altered to mirror that of the Share button. Users will have the option of adding commentary on the item they "like". Adding more than just a link on the users Wall results in more attention.

This change indicates that the Share button will likely be phased out in favor of the more robust Like button. For online publishers, having Like button images on their site can be a great referral source. Sharing on Facebook helps articles stand out. Marketers should be looking at their analytics to see how their traffic from Facebook changes.

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