Mar 24, 2011 Staff

Maintaining a Blogging Schedule

Just as  important as producing quality content for your blog is producing content on a regular basis. From Michelle Linn at Content Marketing Institute, some suggestions on how to keep your posting on a consistent schedule.

Decide on Posting Frequency - Start small and ramp up. Fewer quality posts are better than many mediocre posts.

Assign a Blog Administrator - One person needs to "own" the blog and manage all details associated with it.

Editorial Calendar - Allows you to track what you're going to publish and content to be re-purposed.

Set and Publish Editorial Guidelines - Ensures consistency in the content of posts by outlining what your blog's post should look like.

Writer Schedule - Create due dates for posts to help writers stay organized. Give writers an expectation about the frequency of their contributions.

Request Posts Once a Week - Have writers turn in their posts on the same day of the week to ease editing and improve efficiency.

Provide Specific Information - Avoid over-generalization. Stay focused on one topic. Give specific, how-to steps. Narrowing your topic will allow you have a constant flow of post ideas.

Cover the Same Topic in a Series of Posts - Some topics can't be covered in just one post. Series can be scheduled in advance for consistency.

One Person to Upload Posts - Having the same person upload ensures consistent style and formatting.

Have Extra Posts On-hand - Even with a good schedule, there will inevitably be hiccups. Having a few back-up posts handy will allow you to always meet your schedule.

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Published by Staff March 24, 2011