Jul 20, 2011 Jack Barry

Can You Really Automate Your Sales and Marketing?

Infusionsoft is an all-in-one tool to intelligently automate your marketing and grow sales. By combining CRM and email marketing in a single application, Infusionsoft gives you big business marketing tools on a small business budget.

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Here is a sneak peek of what else Infusionsoft can do for you.

Manage contacts.

Manage Contacts

“Infusionsoft is CRM on steroids. It gives you the power to centralize clients, track interactions, automate marketing and sales, generate invoices, and more.”

— Scott Southall, AHA Image Studios

Capture leads.

Capture Leads

“I made back my investment in the first month by implementing a web form. My list has grown by 30% and I have so much more visibility into who’s who.”

— Laura Wrasman, Wedding Guide Chicago

Nurture leads.

Nurture Leads

“Infusionsoft gives me the ability to nurture contacts in a way I just couldn’t before. It’s doubled my lead conversion.”

— Richard Hite, The Barber School

Track behaviors.

Track Behaviors

“I’m a huge fan of automation links. These ‘links on steroids’ allow me to see exactly what the client is responding to.”

— Dan Bradbury, DanBradbury.com

Sell more.

Sell More

“We needed a web-based CRM. What I didn’t expect was the powerful marketing automation that has increased sales conversions.”

— Richard Hite, The Barber School

Sell online.

Sell Online

“Infusionsoft gave me the ability to power ahead of my competitors. Once we began using the shopping cart, our sales increased by 30%.”

— Charles Mack, V.I.P. Auto

Create beautiful emails.

Create Beautiful Emails

“My newsletter recipients think I’m a graphic designer because my emails look so great.“

— Stefanie Gaxiola, Red Velvet Stefanie

Market offline.

Market Offline

“I touch customers in a 360-degree way through emails, voice, text, letters, postcards, and more.”

— Jermaine Griggs, Hear and Play

Get referrals.

Get Referrals

“I can manage an affiliate marketing program in the Infusionsoft affiliate center, which has boosted our conversions significantly.”

— Jennifer Bourn, Bourn Creative

Measure results.

Measure Results

“We increased conversion by 15%, shortened the sales cycle by 50%, and saw a 55% increase in revenue.”

— Joe Polish, Piranha Marketing

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Published by Jack Barry July 20, 2011