Dec 20, 2011 Staff

Social Media Trends for 2012

From Stephanie Schwab at Social Media Explorer, here are five social media trends for 2012 that marketers should know.

Content Marketing
Content Marketing has been around, but in 2012, it will become mainstream, as more CEOs understand that blogs and video can boost SEO and generate leads.

Social Media Influence
Social influence ranking tools will see broad adoption, though not perfection. A disconnect between online and offline influence will continue to exist.

Convergence of Marketing, Technology, Data
Expect the emergence of new positions, like “Marketing Technologist” and “Marketing Scientist”. Marketers will take technology into their own hands.

Legal Challenges Within Social Media
The FTC will need new guidelines to ensure proper identity disclosure and compliance with FTC and state guidelines.

Social Security
Insurance companies and law enforcement already draw on social networking information. New concerns will emerge about the usage of your personal, social information.

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Published by Staff December 20, 2011