Dec 06, 2012 Staff

SEO Strategies and Tips

Maintaining a high search ranking while consistently creating SEO-optimized content can be difficult. The number one rule for content is that it be written for people. How do you balance that with the need to stay highly ranked by search engines? MarketingProfs has an article with tips on writing effective SEO content. has a list of ways to beat your competitors at SEO.

Tips on Writing Effective SEO Content
  1. Respect the reader's time
  2. Use effective titles for your articles
  3. Grab your readers' attention with numbers
  4. Use killer images and visuals to spice up your content
  5. Use lists (sometimes)
  6. Use keywords strategically
  7. Use subheads
  8. Make your content easily sharable
  9. Tell a story

Beating the Competition at SEO
  1. Focus on content creation
  2. Plan your keyword targeting strategies carefully
  3. Stay abreast of SEO news
  4. Monitor your competitors' backlink profiles
  5. Monitor your competitors' on-site SEO activities
Published by Staff December 6, 2012